How to wear your Kilt scarf

The kilt plaid scarf will be a fantastic accessory to keep you warm and fashionable this winter. If you do not know yet this stuff you will certainly fall for its Scottish style and especially the warmth and comfort it will bring you. You can also have the best kilts for women now. How to […]

If You’re A Musician Soundcloud Is The Place To Be!

Did you know that every minute on SoundCloud in 2012 was actually 10 hours of music? Today, the platform is a home of over 200 million tracks available for its users. Do you know how many gems can be found there? See some statistics on this link if you want to learn all about the […]

Essential Supplies for a Counted Cross Stitch Project

As the name implies, a counted cross stitch is different from that of the more common stamped cross stitch designs in that there is some counting involved as you work on the project. Some suppliers may differ hence the purpose of this article. In this post, we will go over the various supplies that you […]