Sweet Music for All Your Social Events 

The power of music cannot be overemphasized at any event. Some say music is the food for the soul and they are not far from the truth. Playing the right music at any event can appeal to the emotion of those in attendance and charge the atmosphere. There is no better way to animate an […]

Watching Movies are Incomplete without Popcorns

The simple snacks kernel was first expanded on the American continent, but despite the beauty of Hollywood, popcorn came to be attached to movies after a long time. The scientific research of snacks is as fascinating as its history. While there are many selections of corn, popcorn kernels have especially tough hulls, which house the […]

The Effects of Direct Sunlight on Your Tattoo Art

Sunlight can often have an effect on your tattoo art. If you love spending time out in the sun and you’ve got tattoos, it’s important that you work to protect them when possible. If you aren’t regularly using sunscreen this can often create damage for your skin as well as give your tattoos and extremely […]


Aside from being a funny-sounding word, a burl on a tree is actually a pretty interesting occurrence worth discussing. It is one of those natural phenomena that although it has a great explanation, the residual effects can be stunning. Burls occur in trees when that tree is undergoing some sort of stress. This could be […]