How to Get Ideas For Your Artwork

You finally have the time to paint and then the reality sets in — you have no idea what to create.  It happens to the best of artists and sometimes, finding inspiration is the first step into making a masterpiece. Everyone has been there at one time or another.  Even Jon Rafman, an artist who […]

Confused Mediums: Overview of Oil Painting Mediums Obtaining A couple of Fundamental Tips

These details reviews a couple of within the popular oil painting mediums, their intention, plus a number of methods to depend within it. The purpose of adding these substances for your oil paints ought to be to customize the behavior inside the paint during application and affecting results transporting out a painting dries. Behavior describes […]

Acrylic Paints – Layering and Blending Techniques

Acrylic paints are extremely versatile. They allows you to create connection between water colors, oil, and represent their unique characteristics. A number of these techniques might be mixed into one painting if you choose to make this happen. Enjoy these tints since they represent a great deal of realism, abstract, fantasy, and much more on […]