The Experienced Musician & Roadies Trusted Tool

One of the most significant time wasters while trying to get ready for an on-stage gig is the possibility of untangling a nest of messy cables. Sound gear and wires need to be coiled and ready to be plugged in at the drop of a hat so that no times wasted on how long it […]

5 Reasons Flute Is The Best Instrument To Learn

Flute is a very simple and pleasant musical instrument that anyone can easily learn to play. Flute is the most approachable musical instrument out there and offers immense benefits to the musicians. Apart from relaxing your mind and heart, flute also brings many incredible health and physical benefits. Very few people are aware of the […]

Why a good music app makes all the difference to your day

Whether looking for good music to play during exercise or just to unwind, only a really good app can help. Apps have become one of the most important items in our lives today. Apps on your phone help you with a variety of tasks, from checking the weather to organising your travel, and from helping […]

Tips to Help You Become Popular as aDJ

First of all, welcome to the world of mixing music. In this article, we will talk about a whole process that will help you in the journey of becoming a DJ. You should know that learning DJ is like matching your skills of musical expressions with the desires and demand of the audience. It is […]