How to wear your Kilt scarf

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The kilt plaid scarf will be a fantastic accessory to keep you warm and fashionable this winter. If you do not know yet this stuff you will certainly fall for its Scottish style and especially the warmth and comfort it will bring you. You can also have the best kilts for women now.

How to put a kilt

The kilt is a style in itself. The kilt is of Scottish origin and its particularity is to be wool. It will bring a lot of heat to fight against cold and drafts. This large stole wraps several times around the neck in a more or less tight way, it is up to you to choose. It can be placed on a sweater or even on a coat or jacket slightly open. The kilt can be of different colors, but in general what characterizes it will be this broad plaid plaid. You can play with these patterns in different ways, either to have a touch class or for a more casual touch see rock’n roll. It all depends on what you associate it with a little tailor or ripped jeans. If you wear a kilt, the rule of thumb will be to put it on a sober outfit because the reasons will be enough for themselves and will not need more. On the other hand, it will be necessary to associate the colors of the kilt with that of your outfit.

How to put kilt

There is a different touch with the kilt. You can create a very different style by wearing your kilt as a piece of clothing. Unfold the kilt to put it on the shoulders so as to cover the back, then pass the two sides flat on the front. Choose a small hip belt and tie it at the waist to keep the kilt in place. You will get a kind of tunic that you can wear over a sweater or a long-sleeved t-shirt. Learn more about Scottish kilt pattern

How to wear the kilt woman?

For a British-style look inspired by the long tradition of Scottish clans, the Scottish Kilt scarf is a must-have for winter. In both men and women, the kilt is shaped XXL wrapped around the neck for a chic look, casual and terribly trendy!

Scarf kiltscottish

The Scottish best kilt sporrans the must have fashion of winter. To be in the trend of this season is the kilt scarf with its grid and its winter style that will not go unnoticed. The Scottish kilt scarf is the trendiest scarf for men and women this season. It’s everywhere, so do not wait until the shops are out of stock to start the kilt season. A fashion accessory that may well make you jealous and envious in your surroundings! Note that the kilt is chosen and worn in large size plaid type. Exit the plaid wool and cashmere scarf scarf the kilt this season is like a maxi blanket and that’s all its style 


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