If You’re A Musician Soundcloud Is The Place To Be!

Did you know that every minute on SoundCloud in 2012 was actually 10 hours of music? Today, the platform is a home of over 200 million tracks available for its users. Do you know how many gems can be found there? See some statistics on this link if you want to learn all about the world of this music social network.

If you’re a SoundCloud user and you make music, you’re probably wondering how to get through that wall? It’s a tough job but we won’t say that it’s impossible.

Today, the world of the music industry is much more than just being creative or having a lovely voice. The most important thing in it is the marketing. The quantity is stomping over the quality and only the tracks that are being promoted in some way will make it big and get to the listeners.

If you want to go big and be sure that your music will get to people’s ears, you have to learn a little about marketing too. Or, you can do the easy way – hiring a marketing agency to do it for you.

All the great musicians of today have their managers. The managers spend big bucks on promoters, marketing specialists and influencers on social networks. Even the older ones, like Jay-Z or Metallica, all had managers who take care of the business while they spent time in the studio creating their greatest stuff.

SoundCloud is without a doubt the best place to be for a young musician. A lot of new stars we know today started here and made it big. If you have no one to give you a push and make your career go big, you can always do it by yourself here.

The only thing you’ll have to do is hire some of the marketing agencies offering plans that will help you get more listeners and plays. How do they do it? By creating a marketing plan that will advertise your work on some of the biggest social networks.

However, these agencies might be too expensive for your taste. If that is so, you can always go with a different solution. It is much more affordable and will provide you an instant number of plays, likes, and even followers. Many web pages offer this excellent feature. This is the most affordable way to boost your SoundCloud profile and make sure people see you as a successful artist.

Why is it important for people to see you as already successful?

Because it’s simple psychology. Everyone will wonder who is this big shot who already have thousands of plays and likes and they never heard of them. If it’s the opposite, people will have a different approach to your creation.

They’ll instantly raise their guards as we all do when something new comes along. People who are open and curious for things that are different than anything they’ve heard before are rare and they won’t make a difference. You need to be important before the mass accept you.

How does this work?

Very simple. You do your work as you usually do. You upload your track and wait for the critics. Don’t worry the critics are always some guys who have nothing else to do and spend a lifetime on SoundCloud looking for a new piece of work to criticize.

When these people come to your profile, they’ll see that others already listened to your music and appreciate it. If others liked it, they’ll think it’s good and if they think it’s good before they even listen to it, chances are much bigger that their brain will tell them it’s good too.

Have you ever thought about how you didn’t like some song when you first heard it? After a few times it gets in your ear and you can’t get rid of that amazing rhythm. It’s the same here. The trick is to make people listen to it one more time.

Don’t forget to advertise on social networks too

Even if you buy some plays, you still need to work on your personal marketing. You most probably have your own social network profile on many of the popular ones. Don’t forget to advertise. Every click is a plus for you.

When you create a fan base and with the help of buying plays websites, you’ll soon become a sensation. Of course, to do this you also have to do some quality work too. It’s wise if you don’t upload every track you make. Only do it with the stuff you think it’s best.

This way you’ll have both plays from the buying pages and from people who appreciate your work. This is the best and probably the only way to make a fast breakthrough in the world of music.

Post Author: David Curry