Tech That Every Artist Should Have In Their Arsenal


Let’s take a short break from the vibes, moods, and energies of your life and talk about something cold and lifeless… for now. And that is… Technology.

Technology feels like the antithesis of art and livelihood because it is a robot programmed to be entirely predictable at all times, which is so unlike art that it makes you sick doesn’t it? Well put down your worry stone for a second and listen up because if you are truly an artist that you understand better than anyone that what you do is a business and all of that artistic stuff has to pay for itself somehow. That’s where tech comes in.

You need technology in 2020 to run your business, there is no getting around that. So what should you equip yourself with? As an artist myself and a technology connoisseur I have paired down a list of the top tech that each artist should invest in.

I’ll also preface this by saying that a lot of these items you might already have, but you never thought to truly invest in.

Earbuds With a Microphone – I’m sure I don’t have to tell you twice how frequently you find yourself on the phone when you are an artist, having a set of earbuds or headphones that you can double as a headset for your cellphone is imperative. You will be taking phone calls at all hours and at all times, and you should have something that lets you do it easily and leaves your hands free for taking notes.

WiFi Hotspot – Get one. I’m telling you. It’s much better than your phone. If you need to upload some images somewhere and you think your cell phone is going to be enough to power your laptop and get you decent enough speeds to actually be able to upload any sort of large file or folder, you’ve got another thing coming. Some of them even have cameras built-in like Solis and extra battery power for your camera. Equip yourself with reliable internet, no matter where your art takes you.

A Tablet – No matter if you are a visual artist, a writer, a musician, or a painter… showcasing your work is primarily what art is about. It’s not just about the production of it, but in the delivery of the final product to an audience. You are going to be showing off your work in all sorts of environments. Your phone has all sorts of text notifications that could pop up while you show off your work, while your tablet you can put into airplane mode and have it perfectly set up for a presentation that feels more immersive on the big screen.

Cloud Storage – Again, no matter what you make, you need to document it and back it up. Storing all of your files on hard drives is dangerous. You could lose those hard drives and lose your entire body of work if it is not backed up. Uploading your work to the cloud keeps it safe. Dropbox is not going to lose your stuff, and if they do, they will pay you SO much money that just consider it like you sold it all.

Don’t be a stereotypical artist that avoids all technology, embrace it, use it, and let it be your edge in the game. Just equip yourself with the right tech that matches what you make and marry your craft with 2020.





Post Author: Russ Craig