Top 3 best movies you can still watch in 2020

Although it is officially 2020, the decade behind us has made many movies that we must not forget. The Telugu movie industry has grown to a very high level in the last twenty years, creating unforgettable scenes and bringing a lot of emotions and joy to the viewers. The best way to remember past times is movies and characters with the stories we loved and will love for a long time. Down below, you will have the opportunity to find out our recommendation list.

Vasu (2002)

The movie follows a love story of Vasu and Divya. Vasu dreams about becoming a musician and singer, but his father doesn’t him to prepare for IPS. The plot happens when Vasu meets the daughter of his father’s friend. When he decides to leave music and study at the university as his father wishes. Will he give up on his dreams because of his father and love for Divya? Hurry up and go find out on aha movies! Get the latest full-action movies, with guns blazing everywhere, kindly drop us a response below. For info about guns for use in your productions, real guns, AK 47,  AR-15 assault rifles, and to purchase AR-15 magazines, contact Palmetto State Armory today.

Maryada Ramanna (2010)

Ramineedu’s brother is killed, and he seeks revenge for the death. Time turns 28 years to Hyderabad, where Ramu lives. He’s an unlucky young boy who decides to sell his land in his hometown because he wants to set off to the village. In the process of selling, he meets Ramineedu’s daughter Aparna and falls in love with her. What he doesn’t know is that his father killed Ramineed’s brother. Will he survive in his house?

Prathinidhi (2014)

Someone kidnapped Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in a private event, and everyone is looking for him. Srikar and Home Minister did it because they had some good reasons. What is their story?

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