How Supporting the Arts Betters the World

The world can be a big and frightening place. For as far back as recorded history allows, humans have used art in one form or another to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas about how they perceive the world around them. Though countless societies have taken serious measures to protect and preserve the importance of art in a culture, America often falls short. Funding for academic-based and extracurricular arts programs tends to get cut before anything else when budgets are tight. This means it falls on individual donors to provide funds and keep expression alive.

If you are curious about why supporting art is crucial for the betterment of the world, now is the time to explore some facts. Look over these tips and discover why it is important to help people render the world in color, words, and song. 

Individuals and Communities

Art can be an all-encompassing umbrella term. While you may think about paintings or operas as examples of art, another person may consider printing out digital images and collaging them on notebooks an artistic pursuit. The beauty of art is that it helps a person discover his or her own individual voice through whatever medium is most appealing. Whether a person enjoys drawing geometric shapes, singing folk songs, or doing an interpretive dance, discovering a useful way to express thoughts and emotions about the world can be cathartic and illuminating.

What’s more, art creates communities. When people who enjoy expression come together to share their work or discuss art they enjoy, it strengthens groups who may otherwise have little in common. By supporting the arts, you are helping individuals discover their voices and build communities of people who share common beliefs and goals. 

New Pursuits

Often, supporting an existing organization can yield powerful results. Louise Gund is an example of someone who has spent many years donating to the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. By supporting this organization, Gund has supplied funds that allow the BMFPA to accomplish far more than it would have otherwise. Donating to a group you believe in is a wonderful way to help the organization grow and pursue new pursuits aimed at helping other artistic voices be heard by the masses.

Strengthen the Culture

Art is a reflection of the society in which it is created. Think about the art you’ve seen from ancient cultures founded by the Greeks and Egyptians. The art from these cultures immediately comes to mind when you think about what you learned in school. By enforcing the importance of art in modern society, you are helping to strengthen the culture you exist within. The art that is created now will inform future generations what it was like to live during this time period. Without funding, many voices will be silenced without reason.

Art tends to get put on the chopping block quite frequently when it comes to public and private funding. To make the world a brighter place and preserve important cultural documentation, it can be wise to support the arts in whatever way you can. Donate to an organization, attend a play, support a local artist, and see how your contributions help shape the world in a more positive way.

Post Author: Russ Craig