Bathroom Styles – What Suits With Your Preference

Gone are the times when the washroom area was just the place to wash and nothing else. People enjoy a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation every time they spend some minutes to hours in the bathrooms. Hence, making the right choice while decorating your bathrooms is quite necessary. 

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Bathroom Type and Styles 

Here are some of the bathroom styles and types for you to make the right choice for your home. 

·       Tropical Bathroom 

The type of bathroom that offers a sense of tropical environment is known as the tropical bathroom. The space here will be airy, filled with greenery, minimal ornamentation, an exotic wood-like environment, and so on. 

·       Mid-century Bathroom 

As the name says, this bathroom type will be decorated with vintage furniture and cabinets, with a touch of Eames-era styling. 

·       Transitional Bathroom 

For a touch of both the modern yet traditional styles, a transitional bathroom is the best choice. It will be designed with both modern and traditional style options. 

·       Mediterranean Bathroom 

For the feel of the old-world, you can choose a Mediterranean bathroom. The tapestries associated with ornate rugs, mosaic tiles with terracotta tiles, etc., give out the Mediterranean vibe in your bathroom. 

·       Modern Bathroom 

The modern bathroom will be installed with sparse, crisp, clean, and minimal decorations. The normal colour code will be chrome accents and bold colours. Some even prefer some contrast colours in their modern bathrooms.  The bathroom area is the space where you feel relaxed and rejuvenate the lost energy because of the daily stress. Decorate it with a theme that can brighten your mood. 

Post Author: Sheri Gill