5 best pieces of advice from Broken But Beautiful 3’s Agastya

The latest instalment of Broken But Beautiful is ALTBalaji’s recent blockbuster. This romantic web series broke the records for many reasons. And hey, the most obvious one was due to Sidharth’s Shukla’s dreamy character, Agastya Rao (*heart eyes*). His charisma, personality, looks, and performance have indeed added to the success of Broken But Beautiful 3. The man was truly a sight in the web series! 

We know it’s difficult to keep your eyes off him, but here are the top 5 lessons from the man himself that cannot be missed. Here, take a look below: 

  1. Watch out for the red flags

Initially, Agastya was potentially blind in love. He dismissed the red flags (like many of you) right from the start of his relationship with Rumi. His ignorance towards tiny things such as Rumi’s inconsistent actions, obsession with Ishan, and fear of commitment complicated their love life. So, take cues, people. Look for the signs. Once you spot them, make your decision! 

  1. Love the ones who (always) stay!

Remember how Sakshi stayed by Agastya’s side through thick and thin? Yeah? Well, that’s the kind of love Agastya (and you) deserved. Remember true love never leaves (come what may!) Real love will fight for you, make you believe in its power, and consume you for a lifetime, We claim it!

  1. Never lose sight of yourself (come what may)

Sure, Agastya was truly, madly, and deeply in love with her. But hey, guess what? He never let his love for her consume him. He fought his own battles, continued to live his life, and accomplished his goals. To say the least, Agastya was someone who ensured his relationship status never hindered his personal growth. Don’t you agree? We bet you do! 😀

  1. Take heartbreak as a lesson 

We hate to break it to you but everything happens for a reason. Perhaps, for a greater good! Meeting a few toxic people is essential in life for multiple reasons. Well, for starters, it helps you understand your worth. And we’ve learnt that from Agastya, of course. His breakup with Rumi opened his eyes! It showed him what he truly deserves, what he needed, and what he wanted from life. 

  1. Make room for love (again)

We get it. Heartbreaks are tough. It takes time to heal. Even Agastya from the Broken But Beautiful Season 3 web series took his own sweet time to move on. But hey, guess what? Once he moved past it, he made way for a new adventure. He fell in love with a woman, Sakshi (with a child) in the third season of Broken But Beautiful. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you find Agastya’s learnings helpful, download ALTBalaji right away. Pay only 80 paise per day and watch this romantic web series online. You won’t regret it. Thank us (and Agastya, of course), later! 

Post Author: Tereso sobo