Choosing The Right Art School

As you’ll be spending much of your time there for the next few years, choosing the right art school is important. Cost is obviously a factor when choosing an art school, but it isn’t the only one and the following tips can help you to make a more informed decision.

Making a living as an artist can be challenging, with most art jobs very competitive, making it essential to choose a school that offers the program you are looking for, and one that matches your goals, interests and skill level. Check whether the school has certification or licensing requirements you’ll be expected to need to meet and whether it has the applicable college accreditation. Being able to easily get financial aid is probably important to you too; almost every school offers some type of financial aid. Look for awards that are relevant to your specific area of interest, entrance scholarships and access to funding in all the years you ll be studying there. Another factor in choosing the right art school may be the length of time it tales to complete the program; you may only need to attend for a year or two at technical school, while a liberal arts college may mean going to class for four years.

Some art schools just have a better reputation than others, and that may be important to you too. A more prestigious art school may be able to have more well known lecturers or artists on their staff, or acting as consultants. And arguably, the more well known a school is and the better its reputation, the better it looks on your resume as far as applying for a job. Your choice of art school may also be determined by the school’s areas of expertise and its strengths; if you are specializing in graphic art, painting or drawing you may want to consider an art school that places more of an emphasis on those disciplines. Keep in mind that these days, a career in graphic design calls for strong computer skills.

One of the best strategies when it comes to choosing an art school is to visit the school, take any guided tour that’s offered and talk to as many of the students, staff and alumni as you can. Visiting the school in person typically gives you a much better feel for whether the school is the right fit. Don’t just look at the curriculum, and the classes and courses offered; look at the overall campus, and what the facilities and amenities are. An in person visit can often be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the school that’s right for you, and can show you things that aren’t online or in the school’s brochure. Of course, you’ll want to get a job once you leave art school; a school that has a placement department and can actively assist with finding employment may be on your list of requirements too.

The location of the art school is important too. You may prefer to attend classes in a quieter and more relaxed setting with few distractions, or you may want shops, restaurants and night life on your doorstep. Attending art school in the heart of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles will give you access to some of the world’s great art galleries and museums if you need inspiration, but of course your cost of living will be more than in the rural Midwest. Deciding on the right art school is about gathering together as much information as possible and then making the decision that’s best for you and your career goals.

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Post Author: Paul Petersen