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Cinema has entertained us, inspired us, and taught us many new things, and to some, Cinema is their teacher, and they owe a lot to the Cinema. But it is not just a section of people who owe a lot to the Cinema, but all of us. Maybe we aren’t cinema fanatics, but we have at some point watched one, which has left a deep impact on us.

This impact and inspiration of Cinema, the enthusiasm when new movies come out has been lacking ever since the pandemic advanced and has left many of us at home moping over the lack of zeal for living a normal life.

However, as things are taking too long to normalize, people have already started to adapt to things that have become the new normal, and one such thing is watching and streaming series and films on OTT Platforms. While movie theatres were shut down, Cinema and content kept rolling out from industries because of the splurge of audience and subscriptions in various OTT Platforms. Streaming your favourite movies to all-time classics, the OTT Platform has it all and has helped keep the zeal of entertainment running.

One such platform is aha, a comparatively new streaming site that dedicates its content to regional films from southern India, especially Telugu films and content.

If you have stumbled across the site and want a brief on the type of content it has or new to Telugu films, then AHA has a list of films you can watch for free.Here is one such film that is dubbed and streamed, which you can watch free, exclusively on AHA.Kaupapa is a Malayalam crime-thriller film Oppam which was later dubbed and released in Telugu in 2016.

Written and Directed by veteran director Priyadarshan, the film stars an ensemble cast comprising Mohanlal, Anusree, Samuthirakani, Vimala Raman, NedumudiVenu, and Baby Meenakshi in the leads.

The film begins with Jayaram, a blind man with heightened senses who works as a lift operator in a Kochi apartment complex. Jayaram is dedicated to the building’s resident, Krishnamoorthy, a former Chief Justice. Krishnamoorthy reveals his life’s danger to Jayaram during their usual lift conversations, and the story picks up speed from there.

Krishnamoorthy was forced to prosecute an innocent man named Vasudevan, whose family was devastated by the news and committed suicide. Vasu, enraged and grieved, vowed to pursue vengeance by assassinating the Chief Justice; thus, Krishnamooty and his daughter Nandini are in danger, as Vasu is about to be released.

Krishnamoorthy is murdered, and Jayaram is accused of the murder and the loss of the money he left for his daughter due to a sequence of events. What follows is Jayaram’s attempt to use his enhanced senses to make the real criminals pay for their crimes. The rest of the story revolves around Jayaram’s ability to do so and bring a happy ending to Nandini’s lives.A critical and commercial success, Kanupapa was praised for its outstanding performances and story, which was laced with the right amount of edge-of-the-seat moments to make it an engaging thriller.

On AHA, you can watch Telugu movies online for free. If you like the content and the cinematic beauty of Telugu cinema, get your hands on any subscription plans provided by the platform.

Post Author: Paul watson