Love Stories in Films: The Best Ones

Almost all the films tell a love story, but this is often not at the center of the plot. The family of genres that we call “Love Film” is instead characterized by the fact that the sentimental storyline is the most important narrative element of the film.

These genres respond to the public’s need to live or relive emotions related to falling in love. In fact, there are no love films that narrate a peaceful marriage life without problems. 

  • In these films the feeling of love is hampered, either because of problems within the couple (as often happens in comedy) or because one or more antagonists oppose it.

Love films have a success that knows no breaks and is widespread in all cinemas, demonstrating that it responds to the deep needs of human beings.

In this section we examine some genera of this family:

The sentimental Comedy

These are the films where the “struggle” between two people who are falling in love is staged, but which must overcome various problems, especially internal ones, in order to form a couple;

The Musical

For several decades the plot of the musical was very similar to that of sentimental comedies, but with the peculiarity that some scenes were represented singing and dancing. Since the 60s the musical has also conveyed dramatic stories, but almost always related to love themes. You can clink in to and there you will find the best choices.


The romantic melodrama

Two people fall in love, but their love is hampered by powerful external forces.

The sacrifice of love

In the romantic drama film, love pushes to sacrifice, sometimes even to save one’s life.

How are the characters of the romantic drama film?

The couple

The two protagonists who make up the couple are usually not ordinary people, but belong to certain social classes, certain races with different cultures. They are totally opposite people from each other. But it is the opposites that attract and live a love that hurts, that goes against their principles, they know it is wrong, but they are destined to be “condemned”, one might say, to suffer for that love which they cannot help less.

What is the goal of the romantic drama film?

The main purposes of the love drama are the following:

Show love that has no limits

The aim of the love drama is to show how far you can go for love and what you are willing to do.

What is the narrative scheme to follow to create the story?

The romantic drama film has a precise pattern. If you want to understand how to write such a story, discover the narrative scheme of the love drama described point by point.

As an additional help, discover the method to create stories, where you can find the example models, set with simple and focused techniques, to create good stories.

Other genres

In addition, you may be interested in learning about the process of developing a story, starting with the choice of the idea up to the complete structure of a story. Here, I leave you an article on how you start creating a story.

Post Author: Paul Petersen