Best Gift Ideas for Dancers and Admirers of Tango

Tango is a romantic, sensuous, and passionate dance form. If your partner is a fan of tango dance, but not into learning it, then you can gift them a voucher for private tango lessons at the Ultimate Tango online studio. They will appreciate the thought [enjoy dancing as a couple] behind the gift and pursue learning the dance.

List of best gifts to give a tango dancer or an admirer

Tango music

Tango dancers need music to practice at home. Tango music CDs are a great gift option, which can help the dancers sharpen their skills and moves. Make sure that you know the receiver’s dance level and competence. It will help to buy music that suits their ability.

Personalized items

On a print-on-demand website, you can choose many items and have them personalized.

  • Cushion covers or mugs featuring the receiver dancing tango with a partner.
  • T-shirt with a message associated with tango dance like ‘Love tango’ or ‘Tango fan’.
  • Canvas prints with the tango lovers’ favorite performance or moves, which he/she can display on the walls.

Tango shoes


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A gift of tango shoes with light and thin soles will be appreciated. It will make the dancer pick and move feet precisely as well as dance for long. For tango dance, there is a need for gliding lightly on the floor. If the receiver is a girl then you can buy special shoes with heels. Consider the height of the receiver and determine the heel length. Even add a protective bag for her to carry her tango shoes to and from milongas or dance classes.

Show tickets

The Tango show is a great experience for every tango enthusiast. Plan a dinner night before you take your tango-obsessed spouse to the show. Even book a room at the best hotel and stay overnight on the big day. If available, buy souvenirs of the show to remember the special night. If you are lucky to arrange a meeting with the tango dancers backstage, after the show, it will be a great gift to your spouse.


A woman adores jewelry and a tango-related piece will show your love towards tango. For her, you can buy suitable jewelry that she can wear at dance competitions. For him, cufflinks or a ring that features relevant images will be a good choice.

Music lessons

You can gift private dance lessons to a tango dancer but buying tango music lessons will help them. If they already know some instrument, then buy tango sheet music. Such gifts will make the tango lover something exciting and new to learn.

Tango clothes

For girls choose knee-length skirts or dresses tailored in stretchable double or single-layered fabric to ensure ease of movement and snug fit. Choose the right length to complement her legs and don’t get entangled while moving. You can ask the salesperson for assistance to choose an appropriate one, especially when you are unsure.

For men, choose a straight-cut pant with a silk shirt. It will make him look extravagant and stylish.

Post Author: Clare Louise