Ornate frames for paintings and photographs

Ornate frames are associated with paintings hanging in palaces, castles, museums and art galleries. This is because ornately framed paintings have always been considered to be the indulgence of the rich and the elite. However, in the current times, there are many sellers who deal in ornate frames for encasing your paintings and photographs. One can easily get access to glittering ornate gold frames, sliver frames, bronze and other types of metal frames. There is also no dearth of visually appealing designs which enhance the aesthetics of the artwork or photograph.

Plain and patterned frames

The ornate gold frames and other metal frames can either be plain or have patterns etched on them. Patterns can be raised details or sculpted gold or metal leaves which add to the glamour of the ornate frame. Beads on the outer edge are also a common feature of non-plain ornate frames made of gold and other metals.


Ornate frames with vintage looks are also widely available. Such frames are designed to give them an old world feel. The traditional styles remind you of a bygone age and adds to the splendour of the artwork. Vintage style ornate gold frames are easily available and can be used for photographs of your departed ancestors. They are also used in antique shops for framing antique paintings and photographs.

How to choose an ornate frame?

Ornate frame is suitable for an artwork or photograph which you desire should stand out in the room. The ornate frame automatically draws the attention of the people. Artworks displayed in galleries and museums are usually encased in ornate frames.

The style of ornate frame should be able to match and enhance various aspects of the painting or photograph. The various features of the frame such as material, colour, style and tone should be matched with the artwork or photograph.

Post Author: Paul watson