What is the significance behind releasing a dove at a funeral?

pair of hands releasing a white dove

Dove releases are a popular way to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. The symbolism behind the dove release is powerful and serves as a reminder that you have memories that will last forever.

In Baltimore, it’s common to release doves at funerals. The tradition dates back to the early 1900s when people would release a dove to symbolize the soul of someone who had died. This practice was also used in other cultures, such as ancient Rome and Greece.

In modern times, releasing doves has become an important part of life in Baltimore. It’s an opportunity for people to remember those who have passed and show respect for them by releasing these birds into the air after they’ve been killed or injured.

Here’s what you should know about this funeral dove release in Baltimore county, MD:

The Meaning of the Dove Release

Peace. The dove symbolizes peace, which can be difficult to achieve in the wake of a loss. But releasing doves at funerals sends the message that you’re ready to move on and find peace.

Hope. A funeral release also suggests hope in an uncertain future—that things will get better and you’ll find happiness again someday.

Spirit Journey. The purpose of funerals is to mark your transition from life to death, so it makes sense that something like releasing doves would be associated with this ritual because they symbolize new beginnings.

History of the Dove Release

Baltimore is a city in Maryland founded by George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, in 1632. The city is named after its founder’s wife, Lady Baltimore. Baltimore has been popularly noted for its historical, cultural and culinary diversity and proximity to Washington, D.C., which lies within an hour’s drive by car or train.

Funeral dove releases in Baltimore county, MD, are steeped in history, and many have been practiced since the city’s founding. One of the most common is the release of doves at a funeral service. The significance behind this tradition is related to the Christian belief that God sent doves as messengers on Noah’s Ark.

Doves were released at funerals for many years before today’s society questioned their significance. Some cities still use this tradition today! However, Baltimore was one of the first cities to stop releasing doves at funerals because they felt it was associated with death instead of celebrating life.

Who Should the Dove Release?

If you’re in charge of organizing the funeral, you’ll need to decide who will release the dove.

The most obvious choice is someone with a close relationship with the deceased — a member of their family or loved one. But what if no one jumps out at you as being particularly important? You may want to consider letting someone else do the honor for them to feel involved in this process and become part of your life moving forward.

In Baltimore, it’s customary to release a dove at a funeral. This tradition had existed since the early 19th century when it was common practice to release doves as an expression of hope for the departed soul.

Today, releasing a dove at a funeral is still seen as an expression of hope for the deceased and a celebration of their life and love.

The release of doves at funerals is one of the most symbolic and beautiful ways to honor a life that has been lost. You must find a funeral home in Baltimore, MD, that offers this service so you can make arrangements for it with them.

Post Author: David Curry