What would a car trip be without music?

A little depressing isn’t it? Carpool enthusiast, frequent traveler or lover of small roads, we guide you to equip your car with the audio kit that suits you. Ready to ride to the rhythm of your favorite songs? Start-up.

Equip yourself with a car radio

Today your music is stored most of the time on your smartphone streaming, digital albums. It is now possible to listen to it directly from the car radio. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to several solutions:

A Bluetooth car radio: like at home, this type of car radio allows you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone. Practical, they also allow you to take your calls as a hands-free kit .

A car radio with an Auxiliary or USB port: compatible with more devices these car radios allow you to connect a portable music player with a jack cable or a USB port and play your music. Smart isn’t it?

Choose the right car radio

Your car radio does not have Bluetooth or a USB / auxiliary port? Discover other tips for listening to MP3s on your car radio. So should you buy Spotify plays?  Here you are.

Install an audio kit in your car

As with the sound from your Hi-Fi system or from your TV with a Home Cinema, the audio installation in your car is made up of several elements. Together, they bring you a sound reproduction at the top for your trips. For your car audio kit, you need:

A car amplifier: placed in your trunk and connected to your car radio, it amplifies the sound signal. This gives you better clarity of sound, more precise specialization and greater power at high volume. The amplifiers operate by channels. A 5-channel amplifier can for example support 4 speakers (front / rear) and a subwoofer / subwoofer.

Of auto speakers: some speakers directly integrate the different speakers necessary for the distribution of music for a minimum footprint. Other models, called “separate channel kit” opt for a function specific to each speaker in order to obtain a more precise sound quality and better specialization. The choice of the number of speakers to install will depend on your current configuration and your desires. If you travel often with 2 people, prefer to install it with 2 front speakers. If you are carrying passengers in the back, the installation of 2 additional rear speakers is essential so that they also benefit from top audio quality. Before you start, take care of the diameter of the speakers so that they fit into your cabin.

A car subwoofer / subwoofer: also placed in the trunk or under one of the seats, it gives more depth to your music, developing the whole range of bass.

A tailor-made travel playlist

Now that your racing car is fully equipped with an audio system, what about the musical selection? Today, the main music streaming services (Deeper, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) offer thematic travel playlists: road trip, song to sing on the road, group travel. There is something for everyone. Our advice: prepare a selection before your departure by downloading your music via Wi-Fi to avoid consuming your mobile plan.



Post Author: Clare Louise