The Inception of Brewpub

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The brewpub is the latest trend of selling beer on the premises where the beer is brewed. Though it is a modern type of business but is not a new concept, rather a very old and ancient practice. Brewing, along with cheese making and baking, was considered a cottage industry. When brewing was done in a massive way and was counted as a form of industry, the common public or the consumers of beer got detached from directly getting it from the place where it is brewed. Eventually, when the demand increased, the breweries expanded their small business into big industrial houses which in course resulted in big breweries buying the products of small breweries. In some countries, the big brewing industrial houses altogether brought the smaller breweries and thus imposed their own brand upon the smaller breweries which ultimately became the subsidiaries of big brewing industrial houses. Get the best craft beer from Brutopia to taste and experience the highest quality of beer.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) which was founded in 1975 with a perception of preserving British beer culture by way of combining the serving of traditional real ale with the modern flavour. The message of the CAMRA reached worldwide and this is how the concept of modern brewpub grew.  David Bruce, a pioneer beer enthusiast could see the opportunities of marvellous business profits in turning some of the abandoned London pubs by the larger brewers as unprofitable, into a chain of brewpubs.

He gave a new life to the chain of brewpubs with an innovative strategy. Each brewpub was given the name of an animal along with the name of “Firkin” which for example looked like “Frog & Firkin”. His beer manufacturing combined the traditional and primitive British brewing processes along with the modern amateur flavoured beer making processes. The patrons, as well as the consumers, could themselves see and smell the beer manufacturing as well as taste the beer. The industrial revolution of breweries all on sudden became cottage industries through innovation of David Bruce. He added more the innovation to the serving of beer.

He added decent and tasty pub food, comfortable and pleasant interiors along with old times entertainments in his newly designed brewpubs. Eventually, his chain of brewpubs clicked and people flocked around these places in great numbers. David Bruce started his first brewpub in 1979 and turned it to a successful entrepreneur. Then he opened dozens of brewpubs before his selling of brewpub chain in 1988.

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