The Complete Checklist for Party Planning in 2022

Planning a party is equally exciting and terrifying since it’s so easy to mess up and end up with an event nobody enjoys.  Instead of letting your nerves get the best of you, this is a checklist of everything you need to plan the best party in 2022!

Planning as Early as Possible

The most important thing you can do is start planning at least a couple of months ahead.  Send out invitations the moment you’ve booked your venue, and try to hire entertainment, catering, and anything else you’ll need as early as possible.  This will save you from having to worry about being caught off guard with last-moment planning. 

Pay Attention to What Your Guests Need

Your guests’ needs are vital because they decide whether your event is a success or a failure!  When you’re party planning, make sure the venue is people-forward and has easily accessible seating, bathrooms, possibly outlets for anyone who needs to charge their phones, and anything else that can make a difference.  

If alcohol is served, consider offering Uber or Lyft rides for anyone who has too much and needs help getting home, with a plan to get their vehicle to their home in some other way. 

Pick Food That Won’t Alienate Guests.

Your catering should be delicious to everyone and keep people from feeling like they have to leave early to get dinner.  Send out a menu of options ahead of the event and gauge a reaction from it.  Check if anyone needs kosher, vegetarian, halal, or any other specific food, and do what you can (within reason) to offer this. 

Create Photo-Moment Locations

If you want to make sure people take tons of pictures of your event while they’re there: give them a reason to!  Create locations throughout your venue that will speak to the average Instagrammer or TikToker, and give them the chance to create stunning videos or pictures.

This can be achieved through the fun fabric, funky lights, and cute props that are less common than something they’d find anywhere else. 

Add Entertainment Everyone Will Love

Entertainment is something that speaks to anyone: and should be taken seriously!  Although it’s expensive to hire professionals, it’s vital that you find the best fit for your party.  You can do anything from finding Britney Spears impersonators to sing or hire dancers for the party instead so the crowd can get into motion!  You can also double up and hire more than one form of entertainment to make sure everyone has fun.

The Elephant in the Room

Although we’re a couple of years away from the fear of 2020, Covid-19 is still something that’s hanging above the head of every event.  Consider what rules or guidelines you’d like your guests to follow for vaccination or testing and what precautions you might want to take as the person hosting the event to protect people.  Although everyone seems to have a different opinion on this: it’s your job as the host to decide what you find reasonable.

Every Party Should Blow People Away

Your event can be a success with some careful planning.  Create a party that gives your friends and loved ones something to talk about for years to come!  

Post Author: David Curry