Nkem Owoh of Nollywood’s “Planter Plantation” has been chosen to represent Cameroon in foreign film festivals along with American Alexander Powers

The movie “The Planters Plantation,” starring Nkem Owoh of Nollywood, will represent Cameroon in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards, more popularly known as “The Oscars,” in 2023. This development comes as the controversy among the NOSC becomes greater.

Planters Plantation ought to be among the top five foreign films that the Academy considers for best foreign picture in 2023. Great performer Stephanie Tum portrays a West African farm kid in the 1960s admirably. She seems extremely endearing.

The main part in Planter’s Plantation, Cameroon‘s sixth Oscar submission, was portrayed by this Nollywood actress.

In 1980, Cameroon submitted its first film to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts‘ Best International Feature Film category. (IFF). The film was titled Our Daughter.

The International Foreign Language Film (IFF) Award is given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States of America to a feature-length movie that was produced abroad and features dialogue in a language other than English.

The Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee(NOSC) declared before the end of this month that no Nigerian picture satisfies the criteria to be nominated in the International Feature Film category for the 2023 Academy Awards. The previous two years have seen this announcement made.

The Milkmaid, Nigeria’s 2020 Oscar entry, was the last entry from the nation. Before making its decision, the Committee watched and debated three well-known movies: “Anklápó” by Kunle Afolayan, “Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman” by Mo Abudu, and “King of Thieves” by Femi Adebayo.

The Planter’s Plantation by Eystein Young has been suggested by the Board of the Cameroonian Film Industry as a starting point for the debate.

The drama “The Planters Plantation,” which takes place in the 1960s, was filmed in Cameroon. James Whitaker, played by Alexander David Silverstone Powers, gives Mr. Planter his property once the nation proclaims its independence (Nkem Owoh).

Production companies Extrafix Media, BGC Melody Story, and Inn Amore Pictures collaborated on the tragic musical.

“The Planters Plantation” has a stellar ensemble of Cameroonian actors and actresses in addition to Owoh. They include Loic Sumfor, Stephanie Tum, and Syriette Che, with Nimo Loveline as Enanga.

The co-producer, director, and writer of the movie are all credited to Mr. Young. Executive producers Irene Nangi, Don Julio Bats, and Quinny Ijang are listed on the film’s credits.

Three prizes, including the festival’s top honour, the Ecran D’or, were given to the movie recently at the Ecran Noir Festival. No Cameroonian film has received this kind of recognition in the previous 26 years.

Both the “Best Cameroon Actress” and “Best Cameroon/Overall Film” prizes went to the movie. It was not only nominated for several London Film Critics’ Circle Awards, but also for the renowned African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) and the Wales Film Festival (2022).

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Post Author: Clare Louise