Lombok Indonesia: Mountain Trekking and Dive Site

Are you planning to visit Lombok, Indonesia soon? If your answer is yes, then you go to the right article. Below are the highlights in Lombok Indonesia, including mountain trekking and dive sites that you need to know.

The Mount Rinjani Trek

One of the most famous pastimes on Lombok is hiking. Not only blessed with a stunning landscape, but the fertile lowlands are also home to an abundance of vegetation, tobacco, cinnamon, coffee, and rice. At the same time, the highlands are clad with forests. There are numerous suitable treks around the island, including multi-day hikes up the mountain–around 3,000 meters high, and around the crater. If you would like, there are shorter treks to waterfalls and other island attractions.

The Mount Rinjani trek is the most famous but is challenging to complete. It starts from Senaru, takes between a few days to complete, and is considered one of East Asia’s most challenging treks.

Dive Site in Lombok Indonesia

Scuba Diving in Lombok is the best place for diving. It is renowned internationally for having more than 35,000 aquatic species of underwater life; both confident divers and novices may enjoy the underwater activity here. Between Bali and Lombok flows the ‘Indonesian Through-flow’ (Arus Lintas Indonesia). This is the current that passes in the Pacific to the Indonesian Ocean. Also, it is laden with tropical marine life. That is why travelers from all over the globe experience the magic first hand here. The vast majority of diving is around the Gili islands on day excursions.

Senggigi Beach is also a popular dive site; extensive marine life, terrific beaches, and other facilities make it the best destination for dive tourists. The Southwest of the island is not as celebrated and offers more challenging diving. The primary reason why most divers come here, mainly because there’s a fantastic chance to see hammerhead sharks. This is a large rocky pinnacle jutting upward from about 50m below. It is located in the open sea, and it takes 20 to 30 minutes away by boat. Big waves bump over the rock’s top, and the consequent surge can be felt even at 20 meters! You may only dive safely below 15m because of the tide. All safety stops are made from the rock–most certainly for the more experienced diver. Those with less experience can take classes from several instructors and dive schools on the island.

Snorkeling, Surfing, Water sports in Lombok Island: There is plenty of fun to be had on and off Lombok’s property. The stunning azure shores of the Indonesian Ocean are perfect for catching some waves, observing the colorful marine life, or learning a new water sport. The allure of aquatic adventures can counteract days lounging on the beach. For diving, the Gili islands are a great place for water-related activities due to the slower currents surrounding them. You will be enthralled by turtles, white-tip reef sharks, cuttlefish, moray eels, angelfish, and ghost pipefish here.

Other Highlights in Lombok

Moreover, about Lombok Indonesia, the spa at Lombok Island is famous for relaxation, rejuvenation, and regeneration. The great place to have grips with Indonesia’s ancient wellness practices. Wellness therapies and spa are deeply rooted in Indonesian culture. Balinese massage is wildly popular around the world for healing properties and stimulation of the blood circulation.

Those who visit this region of the planet and do not undergo a spa ritual are missing out. After a day of diving or exploration of Lombok’s hilly terrain, a trained masseuse will gladly and firmly rid your body of anxieties and knots. The spa will leave you free to enjoy a relaxed night and rested night’s sleep before embarking on more adventure or comfort, based on your mood. The comprehensive list of treatments ranges from Swedish to Balinese Massage and holistic therapies like reflexology and hot stones therapy. High-scale resorts feature celebrated spa brands such as the Mandara Spa. At the same time, visitors can opt for an alfresco rubdown from the sea. The islands’ undisturbed beauty and tranquillity make it a great place to enhance meditation and yoga experiences.

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Post Author: Paul watson