Don’t Forget To Look Into These Things For Your Wedding

Wedding arrangements are endless and can never be enough. But you still have to keep your calm and see that you don’t miss out on anything important. You can ask for some help from your friends or family members, as it may not be possible to look into everything on your own.

However, a few things shouldn’t be passed without your consent, as follows:

Live music

A lot depends on the music band that you choose for your wedding. If you aren’t careful, you may even end up boring your guests, so make sure you take extra care in choosing the right band for the occasion. Just to be safe, book a band in Toronto that has years of experience in performing and specializes in wedding entertainment. Listen to their songs, if possible and talk to their manager well in advance to schedule a face-to-face meeting. If all seems good, you can go ahead with the booking.

Cocktail party

Well, very few people attend weddings that have no cocktail party on the list of events. Hence, this is an absolute necessity to help your guests feel most welcome and get their dose of entertainment from the delectable cocktails. You can also arrange for some special cocktail music to set the mood. Don’t forget to talk to your band regarding the same.

Event lighting

Lighting is a part of the event décor and shouldn’t be missed out at any cost. You can ask the event manager to set up separate lightings for the dance, dinner and live music session along with other events if there’s any. Proper illumination will also help your guests take selfies with the musicians and other entertainers.


Taking pictures these days is as important as having your food in any event, and weddings invariably top the list. You should set up a photo booth with proper lighting to help your guests make each moment memorable by taking pictures with their loved ones. Decorate it with balloons, creative images and cards to enhance the effect.

Extra seats

Although it sounds pretty insignificant, the lack of seats can turn out to be a major problem at your wedding, especially when you have arranged for a long event. Make sure you have enough seats to accommodate all your guests, as they enjoy the event, sitting comfortably and sipping their wine.

Wrapping it up

Forgetting about the small things can create big problems in your wedding, so keep a journal and write your requirements down, whenever possible. Plan everything properly to prevent end-hour anxiety from ruining your experience.

Post Author: Paul watson