How to choose the perfect wedding photo booth for your big day?

Your wedding day goes by in a flash. Before you know it, the ceremony and reception have come and gone in what feels like a few short hours. This is why it’s so important to capture lasting memories from your special celebration. 

Factor in size and footprint 

Photo booths come in various sizes, from small kiosks to open-style setups that fit several people at once. Consider the amount of space your venue allows for activities and entertainment. You don’t want the photo booth crammed into a tiny corner or set up in a heavily trafficked area that causes bottlenecking. Measure your reception space and ask your photo booth vendor for dimensions to find the right fit. An open-style configuration with enough room for props allows groups to cycle through quickly.

Match style to your wedding theme

Today’s photo booths offer so much more than the tiny black curtained boxes you remember from the mall. Many companies provide backdrops, lighting effects, and accessories that coordinate with your wedding’s overall look and feel. For example, a vintage camper booth would perfectly suit a shabby chic outdoor wedding. Or you could transform the photo area into a mini tropical oasis with floral props and greenery to align with your Hawaiian destination wedding theme.  Please work with your photo booth vendor to customize the aesthetic and make it an extension of your vision for the big day.

Consider technical capabilities 

Important technical specifications include the image sensor, image processor, and lighting components. Higher quality gear means better image rendering for clear, bright photos your guests will want to keep. Review sample photo strips from prospective vendors to see the camera quality firsthand. Also, ask whether they use dye-sublimation or standard inkjet printing. The prior withstand handling without fading and offers more durable strips. Many integrate social media posting and text/email functions so guests promptly receive their photos.

Provide fun props and accessories

Props take your photo booth to the next level when it comes to entertainment value and memory-making. The best wedding photo booths come loaded with silly hats, masks, signs, boas, oversized glasses, costume pieces, and more to spark guests’ creativity. After all, your free spirits and jokesters will jump at the chance to pair a cowboy hat with Elvis glasses for the perfect funny shot. When guests open up and have a blast at your snap booth, those images come across in the photos. So equip your booth with plenty of accouterments to bring out their playful side!  

Personalize your photo strips   

While most photo booths instantly print double or quadruple-image photo strips to share with guests on the spot, many also allow for further customization and branding. Ask your vendor about incorporating unique details like your name, wedding logo or hashtag, date, or special message. Some booths feature instant green screen technology for custom background effects. All these personalized touches make your photo strips memorable keepsakes for guests long after your wedding wraps. They also prevent your photos from blending in with regular photo strip designs.   

Post Author: Russ Craig