If You’re A Musician Soundcloud Is The Place To Be!

Did you know that every minute on SoundCloud in 2012 was actually 10 hours of music? Today, the platform is a home of over 200 million tracks available for its users. Do you know how many gems can be found there? See some statistics on this link if you want to learn all about the […]

Essential Supplies for a Counted Cross Stitch Project

As the name implies, a counted cross stitch is different from that of the more common stamped cross stitch designs in that there is some counting involved as you work on the project. Some suppliers may differ hence the purpose of this article. In this post, we will go over the various supplies that you […]

Things to Make Your Gift Special and Thoughtful

Gifting has become common and commercialised in the contemporary world and has lost the essence of gifting or the real meaning which makes the gifting thrilling and thoughtful. A perfect gift is one that gives a thought behind it. A thoughtful gift says precious and passionate messages like “you are somebody very special to me”! […]

How A Commercial Photographer Can Make Your Event Memorable

A life comprises of just a handful of events; rest everything we do are our reactions to it. This quote sums up why the event needs to be captured, framed and hung on the walls of our personal space. The photographs remind us of the emotion we went through, the sense of achievement that made […]

5 Reasons Flute Is The Best Instrument To Learn

Flute is a very simple and pleasant musical instrument that anyone can easily learn to play. Flute is the most approachable musical instrument out there and offers immense benefits to the musicians. Apart from relaxing your mind and heart, flute also brings many incredible health and physical benefits. Very few people are aware of the […]

Tips to Help You Become Popular as aDJ

First of all, welcome to the world of mixing music. In this article, we will talk about a whole process that will help you in the journey of becoming a DJ. You should know that learning DJ is like matching your skills of musical expressions with the desires and demand of the audience. It is […]

Watch the movies of your choice

There are many websites, which people can use to watch movies online. Some websites also provide the feature of downloading the movies and watching them online. There are many websites that user can use to watch the movies free of cost but some websites charge a small amount of fee for the same. Some free […]

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