Why Offline Music Promotion is Better than Online Music Promotion?

Nowadays everyone knows how to promote music online. This trend takes up a lot of time writing emails, posting stuff on social media platforms etc. But offline music promotion has its own kind of magic and is easy to neglect when you are delved so deep into online music promotion. Offline promotion is one of the most prominent parts of music promotion. Here is why. 


  • Word of mouth matters a lot


You can purchase all kinds of targeted social ads and still not getting the progress you are wishing for. At last, it is all about the audience opinions on if they like the music or not. Additionally, people tell other people about the music they love listening to. And note that your music must give people to discuss something about. The more your music is engaged in social circles, the more successful you become. So, make an effort to be the part of communities and make connections. 


  • Don’t treat followers like followers, they are people too


You may have all the progress in the form of numbers, but know that they are just mere statistics. But you should not make it your sole aim all the time. There are real people listening to your music out there. Every opportunity you get to meet people who love listening to your music is a golden chances for you. So always talk to your fans for five minutes. And always make time to meet your fan after the show. Thank them for their presence. Know that interaction with your fans doesn’t have to be offline always either. You can go online and respond to their comments, start a discussion and chat with your fans. 


  • Your presence is as essential as your artwork


You may have produced a masterpiece track by collaborating with Songmill Studios mixing. But your fans won’t feel personally connect to you unless you are present in your tracks while you are making them. Mostly, you need to be present in the real world to convey who you are and where your music comes from. Offline sources help a lot in framing your mindset. Make the most of this by organizing shows, festivals, events, radio spots or even local parties. Make every moment matter, picturize presenting your music in a real life setting and seek ways to make your music unique by all means. 

Post Author: Russ Craig