Tips to Help You Become Popular as aDJ

First of all, welcome to the world of mixing music. In this article, we will talk about a whole process that will help you in the journey of becoming a DJ. You should know that learning DJ is like matching your skills of musical expressions with the desires and demand of the audience. It is not just matching of beats or scratching over various songs; it is something that requires being emphatic, reactive, and observant.

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  • There are various kinds of DJs who exists for various reasons, a few of them are the club DJ, the performer or turntablist, the mobile DJ, the radio DJ, etc. All these different kinds of DJs have their own set of preference and skills.
  • There could be several reasons behind your wish to become a DJ. Moreover, you should be completely honest about your reasons as you can’t count on success if your only purpose of becoming a DJ is to get rich and famous.
  • It is time that you should get your feet with the software of DJing to have an idea of it. There are basically 3 platforms of DJs in the industry, and they are Rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro. There are other great options even available for software like the Virtual DJ.
  • Then comes the basic skills that you need to learn about becoming a DJ. These skills include mixing, phrasing, EQing, prep, and beatmatching. All these skills that you will learn will help you in becoming a successful DJ.
  • It is important that you break out of the box and you can do this by gaining more control over what you are doing. It is high time that you look into some hardware setups such as DJ controller setup, CDJ setup, Vinyl setup, Timecode and HID setups, etc.
  • By now, you will gain some confidence in mixing. Therefore, try to record something by yourself and analyze it. For doing that you can use your laptop as most of the DJs, software works great in it.
  • Once you start creating your own mixes, construct a fanbase by building a good online presence. You can share your mixes on various platforms and see the reaction of the public.Image result for How to Find Great Music to Play at an Event

Thus, when you are done with all these steps, you can finally play in front of actual people in house parties and come in top 100 DJs. Learning DJing is not an easy route where you would gain overnight success, so be patient.

Post Author: David Curry