Sitcom Figures Who Wrestle Employing Their Consciences After Finding Money

The only real money I ever find is a touch small change, mostly pennies. Yesterday mid-day, however, I happened upon a crisp twenty dollar bill within the lavatory in the convenience store lower the road.

Most likely I’d have pocketed it truly like I truly do while using the coins I from time to time find, but rather I handed it for that clerk working behind the counter. While it’s unlikely the actual owner ever returned with this particular, my conscience rested much simpler knowing that Irrrve never stored the $ 20 personally.

That incident advised me of several figures from TV sitcoms who’ve faced similar dilemmas inside a few episodes. Listed here are ten of individuals those who are conscious of substantial levels of money, causing them to be weigh the pros and cons of make certain that’s stays on their own.

Opie Howard across the Andy Griffith Show

In “Opie’s Fortune” Sheriff Taylor’s tyke (made by Ron Howard) finds a wallet and informs his father, who makes him wait the legal period of time for a person to state it.

Greg, Peter and Bobby across the Brady Bunch

The 3 male sons of Mike and Carol happened upon a wallet full of bills, only to get their parents require with an advertisement wishing selecting the correct owner.

Theodore Cleaver and Ray Mondello on Allow Beaver

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Because of the title of “Beaver Finds a Wallet’ nobody must be surprised the higher youthful boy of Ward and June occurs encounter a billfold within the episode.

Lamont and Fred in Sanford And Boy

” The Suitcase Situation” may be the episode where the title salvage dealers acquire some luggage full of money, that is counterfeit.

Gomer on Gomer Pyle USMC

In “Gomer along with the Phone Company” quarters start flying within the pay phone utilized by the title soldier (made by Jim Nabors), so he sparks across the struggle when attempting to come back the little silver treasure for that local branch from the communication utility.

Dennis Mitchell on Dennis The Menace

“Dennis along with the Picnic” describes when Mr. Wilson’s pesty youthful neighbor (made by Jay North) finds a suitcase filled with money that winds up being counterfeit.

Make the most of Kramden across the Honeymooners

A suitcase filled with large bills is also really counterfeit within the “Funny Money” episode in the classic series starring Jackie Gleason.

Oscar Madison and Felix Unger within the Odd Couple

In “A Perception Of Cash” the roommates find two 1000 in profit their neighbor’s apartment and begin investigating in which the money originated from.

Latka on Taxi Bobby on Taxi

Bobby, Tony and John make an effort to determine how to approach the big volume of dough their eccentric fellow worker (made by Andy Kaufman) found powering a cab.

Post Author: Russ Craig