Close-Up Magic Vs Stage Magic: What You Must Know?

Both close-up magic and stage magic are popular nowadays. Besides, each of them has their own pros and cons. When it comes to stage magic, the name itself indicates that it is performed on the stage. As this is performed on the stage, there are so many things to be arranged. A magician needs to ensure that everything is ready for the magic show, to entertain the audience. Even a small mistake they do can spoil the whole show. Before hiring a magician make sure that you check everything. If you read the client reviews of various magicians, you will understand who is well-known for stage magic. When the magic show ends, the equipment used and the other things will be removed.

Close-Up Magic

Compared to stage magic, close-up magic will give you an entirely different experience. Close-up magic involves approaching smaller groups at the magic show site and entertaining them. They will move on to the next group after entertaining one group. This way, they will cover several groups at the magic show site. Close-up magic offers a great thrill to the audience. A magician can perform the magic by involving the audience or in front of them and you will not find the usage of any forklift trucks, or hidden generators in case of close-up magic.

There are so many magicians who are known for stage and close-up magic. If you think that all of them offer great entertainment to the audience, you are mistaken. If you are looking for more fun and want to enjoy your best with your group, book a reputed and experienced magician like Julian. The team of Julian Bull Magic charges reasonably from their clients, which means you do not have to worry about your budget at all.

The stage magic might include loud noises and sudden movements etc. The magician you hire must be a very talented person. In fact, he or she must be able to grab the audience’s attention and divert them from unnecessary things happening around them. The closeup magic involves personal interaction with the audience, which means the audience will have a special connection with the magician.

What to consider when hiring a magician?

To find a good deal, compare the prices of various magic show teams available in your location. Speak with at least 4 to 5 teams after shortlisting, to find a good deal. Speak with the magicians to know how they deal with their clients. Choose someone who values their clients always. They need to know your requirements and plan everything accordingly. Know what they will arrange at the magic show.

Arranging this kind of fun show at the trade shows and the company’s anniversary functions gives your business a great boost. Magic shows are also a perfect choice for weddings, birthdays, etc. No doubt, they can make your every event a memorable one. In fact, they can fill the important days in your life with more fun. Children will especially love the magic shows.

Post Author: Paul Petersen